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How to Grow Ginger at Home

I have read a lot about the medicinal properties of ginger and wanted to see if I could grow it at home.  It is super easy!  Here’s how I am doing it, and it seems to be working well. Pick up a piece of ginger at a local store, preferably organic if you can find it.  …

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How to Kill Aphids Naturally, without harmful chemicals

As you can see, Aphids are devouring this tip off one of my potato plants.  I noticed that Aphids were tearing up my potato plants and were really going after some of my other crop vegtables like spinach, peppers, and even some of my tomatoes.  A long time ago, I read that one could mix up a …

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How to Manually Pollinate Vegetable Plants

My vegetables are growing in a greenhouse that we build into our home.  This means I don’t have the benefit of insects pollinating my blossoming flowers and must do the job myself.  It is not difficult at all if you know what you’re looking at, so I am going to break down the process step …

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Seed Starting – Make your own seed-starting trays out of eggshells

If you are careful cracking them to only open the tip end, you can save the eggshells from your daily cooking for use in seed starting.  Make sure to rinse them!  Just set them aside until you have enough to start enough seeds for your early spring planting. As you can see, they can add …

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